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About Me – Chinmay Prabhune
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I started doing photography 5 years back and we just clicked. I convert your magical moments into precious memories. Photography is my passion and profession. Get more in best payout online casino. more detailed information in relation to real money slots mobile. I always belive beauty lies in beholders eyes I love to look at the world with diffrent prespective, which makes me feel nomal things beautiful.

Always Searching For The Shot

Whatever the event or occasion that you want to capture no matter how small, precious or magical it is; photo shoots are a great way to capture and relive those sweet memories that make life worthwhile. Some of the genres I cover as mentioned are listed out.

Types of photoshoot

  • Wedding Photography

  • Pre –Wedding Photography

  • Baby Showers & Maternity Photography

  • Food Photography
  • Interior & Architectural Photography
  • Event Photography
  • Corporate Photography
  • Cinematic Photography
  • Product Photography
  • Travel Photography
  • Nature & Landscape Photography
  • Lifestyle Photography
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